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If it isn’t already, you should have the Letter to Jane Tumblelog on your list of Daily Reads; it’s one of our fave sites to browse thru for inspiration & vintage photos.

“Herbst In Island”, Marie Claire Germany, October 1992Photographer : Eamonn J. McCabeModel : Kate Moss 
Inspired by: antique woven gems.
Photo via Etsy.
Inspired by: Leafy, botanical wallpapers.
From Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2012 catalog.
2012 Isabella Flashback: Our Fall collection, for the bohemian-at-heart with an affection for vintage luxe.
New Year’s Eve in 1946.
Yeah, pretty much coveting vintage knitwear all week…
Vintage fisherman sweater.
Oh, the weather outside is frightful… but you’re snug indoors in your vintage fisherman’s knit sweater right? It’s been a cold-weather basic since forever (as you can see from the vintage ads above). Tip: If Gwyneth Paltrow has one, then you should have one too.
Alexa Chung in what might possibly be the coziest-looking chunky knit sweater ever.
Vintage Jane Birkin in a snakeskin top.
Vintage Marianne Faithfull in a gorgeous snakeskin jacket.
Snakeskin will be all over the blog this week. Today: a vintage photo of Anita Pallenberg with Keith Richards
Inspired by: vintage fur & Kate moss.
Inspired by: Sienna Miller’s effortless style & fur coats.
Inspired by: green interiors & vintage inspired design.