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Our Mona Tote in dove grey beach horizon, from our Holiday/Resort 2013 collection. Looking at this makes us suddenly want some red & green-swirled peppermint candy…
Our Allegra Shearling Tote from Holiday/Resort 2013.
Winter is great and all, but every now and then you start to miss all the greenery. Thank goodness for evergreen trees, right? Here’s our Adele Tobo from our Holiday/Resort 2013 collection for those of you who can’t wait for those spring leaves to start sprouting…
Our Vera Flap Shoulder in charcoal, featuring metallic embroidery on leather.
Our Serena Tote in black from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 collection.
It can’t always be colorful & vivid all autumn. Eventually the leaves fall and we’re left with bare branches and winter at our footsteps. It doesn’t mean we still can’t be inspired by nature - here’s our Bella Barrel in charcoal from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 collection.
Our Pia Tote in new luxury brown.
Our Nella Clutch in new luxury brown.
Autumn’s officially here, folks. Time to bust out your scarves, beanies, gloves, and boots. Oh, and don’t forget your Isabella Fiore Adele Tobo in the black new luxury tapestry print. It can double as a camouflage piece  - just stand next to a pile of leaves!
Our Cara Flap Shoulder in the brown new luxury tapestry print with leather trim.
One of our fave bloggers, Christina of Trop Rouge, rocked our tapestry print satchel on her blog this week. Doesn’t the print just scream autumn?
Source: Trop Rouge
Happy Halloween from Isabella Fiore! Hopefully you’ve got your costume figured out, and aren’t scrambling to stitch one together for tonight. Before stepping out for your night of masked fun, make sure to bring along a big enough bag to carry all those candy & goodies you’ll be sure to get. We recommend the Emilia Tote in navy, featuring mixed metal studs on leather. It’s from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 collection and will safely store your sweets & snacks until the night is over!
The Continental Wristlet from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 Collection in gunmetal, featuring playful geometric embroidery on leather. Perfect for your Halloween parties this week!
Our Nella Crossbodybag in Artisenal Deco for your Pocahontas costume this year!
Our Bella Barrel in Koala from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 Collection. Any fringe lovers out there?