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We’re, like, in love with Morocco, if you already can’t tell. This is Moroccan print on canvas.
Inspired by: Vintage Moroccan bedsheets.
A tempting DIY project: screenprinting Morrocan designs in blue.
Love the colors & design here. Graphic, geometric, and colorful - everything we love.
Textiles & tapestries, everywhere we look.
Pretty much what we all want to look like when we stretch candidly.

Wrapping up our snakeskin week with our vintage snake line from the Holiday/Resort 2013 collection. From L to R:

1. Serpente Shoulder Bag in dark green

2. Aria Hobo in Navy

3. Aria Hobo in Dark Green

4. Belinda Barrel in Navy

5. The Sophia Clutches in Navy & Dark Green

It’s holiday season, and whether or not you like peppermint, you gotta admit: never have red & green swirls looked so sweet together. Featuring our Rosa Crossbody in dove grey from the Holiday/Resort 2013 collection.
Our Mona Tote in dove grey beach horizon, from our Holiday/Resort 2013 collection. Looking at this makes us suddenly want some red & green-swirled peppermint candy…