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Digging our way towards springtime.
It’s right about time for spring, isn’t it?
Inspired by: Sun-kissed, leafy collages.
An exotic escapist’s dream, perfectly captured by photographer Sacha Maric.
Lush, green leaves make perfect backdrops.
Inspired by: Leafy, botanical wallpapers.
From Bergdorf Goodman Fall 2012 catalog.
Inspired by: Birds of Paradise & vintage wallpapers.
Inspired by: the Aurora Borealis and holiday colors, featuring the Adele Tobo in artisenal deco from Holiday/Resort 2013.
Inspired by: bare branches & modern design.
It can’t always be colorful & vivid all autumn. Eventually the leaves fall and we’re left with bare branches and winter at our footsteps. It doesn’t mean we still can’t be inspired by nature - here’s our Bella Barrel in charcoal from our Holiday/Resort ‘13 collection.