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Kate Moss photographed by Herb Ritts for Vogue, April 1994
If it isn’t already, you should have the Letter to Jane Tumblelog on your list of Daily Reads; it’s one of our fave sites to browse thru for inspiration & vintage photos.

“Herbst In Island”, Marie Claire Germany, October 1992Photographer : Eamonn J. McCabeModel : Kate Moss 
Inspired by: vintage fur & Kate moss.
For Throwback Thursday, here’s Kate Moss on French Vogue. Did you know we have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to Kate?
Go boho on your day off and lounge around in style. Brew some tea, grab your copy of “Kate Moss by Mario Testino” photobook, wrap yourself in that fur throw, and put on a classic 90s film. We suggest “Shakespeare in Love” (1998), featuring style icon Gwyneth Paltrow’s Oscar winning performance as William’s muse, Viola.