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Vintage Pan Am ad, with what might possibly be the most fabulous straw hat ever.
Inspired by: Stonewalls and iron gates.

Magdalena Frackowiak/iD September 2008
Inspired by: Paisley prints of the past.
Inspired by: Rustic decor.
Frida Kahlo, modernized by painter Fabian Ciraolo.
Inspired by: Juxtaposition.
Inspired by: Vintage, rusted gates.
Inspired by: Earthy hues & tones.
Pretty much what we all want to look like when we stretch candidly.
There’s something captivating about Sasha Pivovarova in sepia…
Love, love, love Jemima Kirke’s character, Jessa Johansson, in Girls on HBO. The costume designer, Jenn Rogien, actually shops in popular Brooklyn & Manhattan thrift and vintage stores to build the characters’ wardrobes. This includes some of our fave second-hand-haunts, like Atlantis Attic and Amacord Vintage.
Inspired by: vintage floral wallpaper.
Inspired by: Floral Motifs
A necessity your summer escapes with the girls: an all-purpose caftan.