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And finally, our Holiday/Resort 2013 collection, which is basically the bridge collection that takes us from 2012 into the new year. This collection has everything we love at Isabella Fiore: vintage-inspired tapestries, metallic embellishments, our tahoe weave, tassles, and of course a fab tiled print.

Some Isabella Fiore inspo, all from our Holiday/Resort 2013 Collection… (clockwise):

1. New Luxury Adele Tobo in brown

2. Hammered Metals Serena Tote in black

3. Black Knight Paolina Clutch in black metallic

4. New Luxury Pia Tote in black

These beauties are now all available on, so if you’re getting a little behind on your holiday shopping…

Our Veronica Crossbody in molded metals sage (the Veronica Crossbody in dark green is available at, from Holiday/Resort 2013.
Inspired by: Metals & Sparkle.
Featuring our Emilia Tote in sage.
Our Vera Flap Shoulder in charcoal from Holiday/Resort 2013.
Our Clarisa Satchel in sage, from Holiday/Resort 2013.
Detail-shot of the metallic embroidery of our Adrianna Hobo (available on!) in charcoal + a little crocheted ornament. It’s a seasonal thing, I guess.
Our Adrianna Hobo (available on!) in charcoal from Holiday/Resort 2013.

Wrapping up our snakeskin week with our vintage snake line from the Holiday/Resort 2013 collection. From L to R:

1. Serpente Shoulder Bag in dark green

2. Aria Hobo in Navy

3. Aria Hobo in Dark Green

4. Belinda Barrel in Navy

5. The Sophia Clutches in Navy & Dark Green

Seriously considering pairing a neon green snakeskin blouse with white snakeskin skinny trousers. Am I crazy?
If you’re brave enough, why not spice up your outfit with some unexpected snakeskin accents? Snakeskin trousers or leggings, our Sophia Clutch in vintage dark green, a snakeskin manicure (the one shown on the left is designed by creative entrepreneur Terri Silacci of Monterey, CA, but we found an amazing & easy tutorial here), even a snakeskin eyelid!
Tip: When you’re this decked out in scales, it’s best to keep it clean & simple in the wardrobe department.
Our Belinda Barrel in dark green vintage snake from the Holiday/Resort 2013 collection. Perfect for holiday traveling, or as a gift to your stylish BFF who enjoys a good exotic print.
The Capri Backpack in dove grey from our Holiday/Resort 2013 Collection.
It’s holiday season, and whether or not you like peppermint, you gotta admit: never have red & green swirls looked so sweet together. Featuring our Rosa Crossbody in dove grey from the Holiday/Resort 2013 collection.
Inspired by: the Aurora Borealis and holiday colors, featuring the Adele Tobo in artisenal deco from Holiday/Resort 2013.