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Isabella Fiore - Homespun Tote
Isabella Fiore - Artisanal Braid Tote
Pre Fall Isabella Fiore Marakech Tapestry Hobo, $325. Available at Bloomingdales. 
Pre Fall 2013 Isabella Fiore Whipped Hobo, $316 available at and
Isabella Fiore Spring/Summer 2013: Lux Linen Bluebell Satchel
Our Moroccan Embroidery Crossbody, from Spring/Summer 2013.
Our Moroccan Embroidery Hobo from Spring/Summer 2013.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s another close-up of the fringe & embossed floral detail on our Spring Daisy styles from Spring/Summer 2013. Romantic & fab, non?
A close-up of the embossed floral pattern on our Spring Daisy Tote in tan, from Spring/Summer 2013.
It’s Throwback Thursday again! Here’s our Artesana Deco Sydney Totes from Pre-Fall 2012
Our Vintage Weave bags, from Spring/Summer 2013.
Our Heritage Tote, in coral, from Spring/Summer 2013.
Our Heritage Satchel, in coral, from Spring/Summer 2013.
Our Belted Weave Satchel in brown, from Spring/Summer 2013, inspired by straw baskets found in flea markets.
For Throwback Thursday, here’s our Delancy Sarah Small Satchel from Holiday 2011.