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Inspired by: Body chains & jewelry.
Just because you look blue doesn’t mean you’re feeling blue.
Inspired by: lace curtains at dusk.
Love, love, love Jemima Kirke’s character, Jessa Johansson, in Girls on HBO. The costume designer, Jenn Rogien, actually shops in popular Brooklyn & Manhattan thrift and vintage stores to build the characters’ wardrobes. This includes some of our fave second-hand-haunts, like Atlantis Attic and Amacord Vintage.
Dive in with me…
That Facebook Giveaway of ours is still on for another 6 days. Get to it…
Lush, green leaves make perfect backdrops.
Inspired by: Beach bonfires at sunset.

Bring out those braids for New Year’s Eve, girls.

Some Isabella Fiore inspo, all from our Holiday/Resort 2013 Collection… (clockwise):

1. New Luxury Adele Tobo in brown

2. Hammered Metals Serena Tote in black

3. Black Knight Paolina Clutch in black metallic

4. New Luxury Pia Tote in black

These beauties are now all available on, so if you’re getting a little behind on your holiday shopping…

Where shall we go?